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    With its origins in South Africa, the ostrich feather duster's natural oils and barbs capture dust without moving it around, making this the household cleaning tool of choice. Perfect for fragiles surfaces or hard-to-move objects : television and computer screens antique furniture car window surfaces dashboards and more

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    Cedar wood contents phytoncide which is a powerful moth repellant. Simply sand this pair of figurines to reactivate their scent and place them in closets where you store natural fiber items. 2 PIECES

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  • Our candles are imagined in Gascony and made in France This blend highlights the qualities of Petit Manseng, a grape variety from the South-West (Jurançon) which produces naturally sweet late-ripening grapes. Combined with honey and truffle, the fragrance is suave sweet and very enveloping.An autumn in Gascony: The vine begins to lose its leaves, the...

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    Instead of rolling up your belts, why not hang them in the closet? This four hook hanger saves you space and time… all while repelling moths. Cedar wood contents phytoncide which is a powerful moth repellant.

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    Store your (many) ties on this hanger,cedar wood contents phytoncide, carved from naturally moth repellant wood. Ladies, you can also use it to hang long necklaces!

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items