1 - Take 2 suitcases, one to keep with you as cabin luggage and the other for the hold.

2 - Fill your cabin luggage with: mobile phone, tablet,

computer, headphones, cables, glasses, toilet bag (moisturiser, lip balm, wet wipes), book and your lucky charm or mascot.

3 - Carry a large soft scarf to protect you from draughts and a comfortable outfit to change into during those long-haul trips.

4 - Wherever you are going, take at least one "dressy" outfit.

5 - Slip your toilet bag, an umbrella and your shoes into the bottom of your case.

6 - Pack shoes (without shoe-trees) in bags and your underclothes in a separate compartment.

7 - Pack your trousers and skirts head to toe to minimise creasing.

8 - Pile your tee-shirts, sweaters then shirts or blouses on the other side (never on the side of the retractable handle).

9 - Finally, add your jacket or blazer, crossing the sleeves over the front then folding in two.

10 - Travel light: this is the key to a well-packed suitcase.