From floor to ceiling, all the inaccessible parts of the house are within your reach.

This set contains:

  • a telescopic handle, height adjustable from 103 to 170 cm.

  • the "demi-tête" broom, its composition in a mixture of horsehair (white and black) and P.E.T. ensures efficiency and durability. A luxurious brush with an atypical and timeless profile.

  • the cobweb brush, thanks to its spherical head, it will be the essential ally to dislodge dust and other arachnid works from your walls, beams and ceilings. Its composition as a mixture of horsehair and P.E.T. ensures efficiency and durability.

  • the head of scrubbing broom. To be used indoors and outdoors! A nylon brush made in France combining hygiene and resistance for scrubbing, for scouring!Fiber height: 3 cm

A single handle for 3 heads! And an even more attractive price!

Heads made in France. Handle made in Germany.

55,00 € tax incl.

  • Color BLACK & WOOD
  • Size H DE 87 CM A 152 CM

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