“We have a crush on her!”

This endearing object, both by its simple and refined line, and by its use, will accompany you in your daily life and allow you to invent alongside it the uses that suit you.

A useful, beautiful and durable product, this is what we need!

Pincinox was born from the desire of its inventor, Louis Violet, to create a simple and useful object that makes everyday life easier: a stainless steel clothespin handcrafted in his Vitrolles workshop since 1970.

The originality and strength of Pincinox lie in its manufacture from a single steel strip (Aperam steel, ex-Ugine) which has received different treatments to give it unrivaled quality and resistance!

The Pincinox clothespin is unbreakable, cannot be dismantled, it does not stain laundry or rust and its indestructible spring makes it an object that can be used in complete safety! No risk of finding pliers in pieces or damaged by time, as is often the case with plastic or wooden pliers!

Pincinox is the only stainless steel clothespin made in France. Which makes it a unique, local and cutting-edge product in its field.

21,00 € tax incl.

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