Our candles are imagined in Gascony and made in France

A woody and sweet blend to transport you to the cellar. Live the experience of an olfactory tasting between the barrels.
Enveloping and reassuring, its fragrance softens rainy days.
The vine begins to lose its leaves, the harvest has been abundant. The wood pigeons are finishing their migration and the sight of the Pyrenees announces the coming of a light rain which will come to awaken the smells of the undergrowth, the mushrooms, the cellars in which the century-old elixir is distilled: Armagnac.
Push the door of the cellar, see the fire of the still and smell the vapors of alcohol which mix with those of the bubbling pot while waiting for the convivial and noisy tables which will come to taste the precious Nectar.
Our candles are made of vegetable wax, they are poured by hand by craftsmen. Their wick is cotton. The combustion is of excellent quality and the diffusion of the perfume slow & balanced.

180 grams

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  • Material VEGETABLE WAX
  • Country of origin FRANCE

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